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things about me,Nicole marie

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My name is Nicole marie.
I'm 25 years of age and was born in Iowa.
i'm 5 foor 5 inches.
i have many hobbies.
i love animals and own a handful.
Raised as a military brat all my life.
I pretty much hate alot of my relatives. reasons why? drug use,achochol use,snobs,stinkgy assholes.
my likes and dislikes list:

Dislikes: rude people,blonde hair barbie doll girls with cell phones,cell phones period!, people who have bad B.O.,smoking,drugs i'm a,people who hate my rats!the sound of someone vomiting,colds not being able to play the cello :-( oh and people who drink and drive,rap~pop~country~jazz~R&b!homophobics,president bush,my birthday,young punk kids who don't have morals and due stupid shit,fruit cake,cheese cake,sea food,hamburgers and hotdogs! ewwwww,suicidle thoughts,the mormons comming to my door trying to sell me there religion(sorry i already got one)!
Likes: crispin glover,gary oldman(actors),corsets,photograpghy, fake eyelashes,potatoes,gummibears,my artwork,musik,4 rats, my family,sleeping, my medications, cellos, barbie dolls,my art work,animals,the paranormal,paper and pencils(to draw on)roller ball pens,my combat boots,my hair,forks & spoons,jewlery,coresets,afternoon tea,coffee in the morning,gloomy days,my ghosts,my bedroom,halloween,thanksgiving, and x-mas only for giving and gettiing gifts,snow(fun to play in),singing in the shower even though i sounds very bad :-),playing with my cat, tabi.and getting hugs from family members.

Favorite Music: mm,cradle of filth,lacuna coil,prick,bjork(early stuff)devil drvier,a perfect circle,switchblade symphony,angels of venice,salt,veruca salt, the geraldine fibers,letters to cleo,static-X,charlie drown, rasputina(fav), mortiis,L7,seven year bitch,babes in toyland,hole(earlier stuff) smashing pumpkins,nirvana,the prodigy,nine inch nails,tori amos,napalm death,paradise lost,samuel,sonic youth,mazzy star,skeeter davis,nancys sinatras song(these boots were made for walking),sneaker pimps,the breeders,skinny puppy,blur,whale,lycia,black tape for a blue girl,david bowie(early stuff)cypress hill,ministry,theathre of tragedy,mortiis
My favorite movies:

poltergeist, sister my sister, tuck everlasting, the secret garden, willard, the ring, the missing, cold mountain, gone with the wind, edward scissor hands, bram stockers dracula, the scarlet letter, signs, the nightmare before christmas, lords of the rings(trilogy), the hanging garden, my babys daddy, 16 candles, the exorcist, ghost town, the butterfly affect, napolean dynomite, 3 woman, the hole, wedding crashers, house of 1, 000 corpses, all of the gigner snaps 1 and 2, girl with a pearl earing, guess who?, bad santa, prozac nation, tipping the velvet, run lola run, twin falls idaho, the swimming pool, the texas chaninsaw masacre, the hand that rocks the cradle, the english patient, titanic, spirited away, resident evil, party monster, jaw breaker, human trafficing, hero, heavenaly creatures, another life, darkness, big fish, 50 first dates, birth, the piano, a christmas story, itruns in the family, yours, mines and ours, Beloved, saving silverman, american pie 1, 2 & 3, identity, the village, signs, the house of daggers, the devils backbone.