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As i proubly say to everyone i know, I love rats. I got my fisrt rat, Squeakers whom was a blue hooded cuttie in 2003. I feel in love with him and now my rat family has grown. Squeakers,Milo,Whiskers,Cynus,Neo and oliver are now gone but they'll be deeply misssed.. I could never think of any other pet better than a nice cute squishy rattie rat rat! <:3 )~
Rats as any other animal are tricky to care for. They ani't dumby proof and need good care or they can get sick easily. They need special bedding lots of love and attention from the owner(you) and special diets. I highly recomend with any pet you do your homework and study the animal before buying or adopting one. If you go on vacation who will care for a rat? Not many. How much of care well it cost of month for a rat? what do i do if he has fleas?
Here are some pictures of my boys. Right at this moment i own 1 male left,Willard.Willard is a full agounti colored male with a standard coat. He's deaf but is smart as a whipe! hes over 2 now and is so bouncy i can see him growing up to 4 years of age.
Willard well be my last rat for a while. As i love rats to death one does need a vacation.